Richard Robertson's Portfolio.
I am a developer specialized on web applications that transform, publish and visualize financial data.

Welcome! A few of my reference cases are displayed below. What they all have in common is that they gather information from various sources, transform the data into useful information and then visualize this to the end user.

My background is within Business Intelligence and Web Development, I have a great interest in Web frontend / UX. Most applications I have built run on: .Net Web API, oData Web API or .Net MVC as backend and HTML5 as frontend. I use various open source API's to provide a modern user experience with fast implementations. Contact me if you like what you see and let's discuss exciting projects!

- Richard Robertson

Financial reporting

Responsive webdesign. Always

Desktop application. Business dashboard

Mobile APP. Catella Fondförvaltning

Fund Performance dashboard. Catella fonder

Hybrid app. Webb / desktop

Fundreporting Catella

Property Analytics. Catella Corporate Finance

Catella Strategic Partnership. Mobile App

Automated reporting